Successful integration of company and shuttle buses into the uRyde app

Erfolgreiche Integration von Werks- und Shuttlebussen in die uRyde App

Ridesharing, public transport and now also factory and shuttle buses

All mobility services in one app, that is uRyde’s claim. For this reason, uRyde began integrating company and shuttle buses into the uRyde app early on. On the one hand with its own ticketing system and on the other hand with a pure reservation option. There is also the possibility of opening the factory and shuttle buses to employees of external employers - the first employers are already doing so.

Siemens, adidas and many other companies rely on uRyde’s shuttle bus solution

Corporations in particular often have their own bus systems. It is obvious to use the existing capacities as efficiently as possible, similar to ridesharing, says Malte Andree, CEO of uRyde. It is also possible for employees from external employers to utilize the factory and shuttle buses, if the company wishes it. To do this, three points in particular must be met:

  • Ticket price must be higher than on a comparable public transport connection (for a monthly ticket, the Germany ticket is usually the reference)
  • Digital tax recording of external users and clear assignment to an employer
  • Closed user group in the sense of shared use only by selected employers (no B2C use)

All points can be met with uRyde and so more and more employers are opening their company and shuttle buses to external employees and thus increasing utilization. You can find out exactly which companies these are in the Nuremberg metropolitan region below.

Cheaper tickets for trainees and severely disabled people as well as simple tax preparation via the uRyde dashboard

In order to be able to offer reduced prices for certain groups, there is an option to reduce the price using a corresponding voucher field when booking. If the bus systems are not intended to be opened to employees of third-party companies, the ticket price can be set at any time or even be completely free.

So that everything can be processed as automatically as possible in terms of tax law, all information is prepared via the uRyde dashboard and made available for monthly import of the data into payroll and accounting.

Company and shuttle buses in the Nuremberg metropolitan region

In the Nuremberg metropolitan region, the bus systems from adidas, Siemens and Siemens Healthineers are integrated into the uRyde app. Shared use of the buses is possible on all lines shown on the first map. The lines on the second map are currently reserved exclusively for employees of the respective operating companies.

In a nutshell - your advantages when operating company and shuttle buses with uRyde

Conventional billing methods are often not flexible and generally require a lot of staff. This is sometimes accompanied by ever-decreasing usage figures and thus significantly rising costs.
Through a uniform and digital ticketing system as well as tax processing in the uRyde dashboard of the bookings, the operational effort is reduced to a minimum and the basis is created for opening factory and shuttle buses to employees of third parties. In a nutshell, integrating company and shuttle buses into the uRyde app means:

  • No more analogue processes, instead digital ticketing/ reservation options
  • Direct tax preparation of all bookings and monthly automated import into the accounting department
  • Clear monitoring of booking numbers, costs and income
  • Quantification and possible accounting of the saved CO2 emissions
  • Daily adjustment option for bus size depending on capacity
  • Possibility of opening the bus lines to employees of external employers and thus reduction of costs

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