Convince with a high location attractiveness

Many of your employees will certainly appreciate your shuttle and company buses. Now you can also raise ticketing to a digital and sustainable solution by integrating all your bus routes into the uRyde app and the uRyde Mobility Monitor for you.

Create networks and keep an eye on everything

In addition to public transport, last-mile solutions and ridesharing trips, your employees can also see all bus connections in the uRyde app and book them directly there. You can also find all connections on the uRyde mobility monitors.

You can conveniently manage everything from the uRyde Dashboard and, if necessary, make direct adjustments to the bus timetables.

Reduce the costs of your shuttle buses through better utilization

Digital ticketing can significantly increase the capacity utilization of the shuttle and works buses. The resulting cost savings can also be supplemented by opening up "shared use" to other employees from other employers, thus reducing operating costs by up to 50%.

Let´s shape a new mobility!

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