uRyde mobility budget - taxes made easy

uRyde mobility budget - taxes made easy

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The uRyde mobility budget as an employee benefit

The uRyde mobility budget offers a financially attractive incentive not only for you as an employer, but also for your employees. By treating the budget as a benefit in kind in addition to the salary, mobility can even be billed tax-free or at a reduced rate.

This is also supported by subsidized means of transport such as public transport.

Tax-free on the go with public transport

Environmentally friendly means of transport are tax-privileged, trips with public transport are even completely tax-free. It doesn't matter whether it's a private or business trip. Journeys by public transport, such as long-distance express trains, are also tax-free for commutes.

This not only creates additional financial benefits for your employees, but also promotes sustainable mobility at the location with ridesharing - across company boundaries.

That's how taxes work

Despite the apparent complexity, the partial tax exemption and an applicable flat tax rate hold extremely attractive savings potential. Depending on the means of transport, taxation is regulated differently. For example, tickets for public transport are tax-exempt, while other mobility services such as last-mile solutions and shuttle buses are taxed. Other decisive factors include the amount of the credit granted and the distinction between salary supplement and conversion.

Taxation of the mobility budget - briefly explained