General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the uRyde app

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the uRyde app

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the uRyde app

1st item
The subject of these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") is the uRyde mobility platform (hereinafter referred to as "app" or "platform") operated by CONNECT Mobility GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "uRyde"), which is available in the form of a mobile application and serves to bring drivers into contact with other passengers and to display and/or make other mobility services available.

These general terms and conditions regulate the legal relationships in connection with access and use of the platform.

When registering on the app and setting up a user account (hereinafter referred to as "account"), you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions and that you have taken note of and carefully read the data protection declaration of the app. Please note that at no time does uRyde become a party to any contract or other agreement concluded between users or providers of mobility services. uRyde only provides the platform and access to the app for arranging trips.

2nd role of uRyde
uRyde provides a mobility platform in the form of an app with which users can offer and book car trips and search for local public transport connections (hereinafter referred to as "public transport") and also book them via forwarding.

Users have the option of advertising and publishing both planned and spontaneous journey advertisements for routes traveled, so that the seats offered in the advertisement can be booked. The advertisements are viewed in particular by other users in order to find out the information and conditions of a trip and, where possible, to book a seat directly in the driver's vehicle.

Users of certain uRyde customers (hereinafter referred to as "uRyde partners") also have the option of using the app to view and reserve or book seats for bus trips on the bus systems provided by the uRyde partner.

Public transport connections are also displayed on the platform and can be booked outside of the uRyde app by forwarding to the relevant app or website of the responsible transport company.

At no time is uRyde a party to any agreement between you and other users.

uRyde has no influence whatsoever on the behavior of users on the platform. In particular, uRyde does not own, use, deliver or manage the vehicles of the drivers in the advertisements and also does not offer any trips itself.

uRyde points out that uRyde does not check the validity, correctness or legality of the advertisements, offered places and journeys.

As an intermediary for rides, uRyde does not provide any transport services and does not act in the capacity of a transport operator; uRyde only offers the provision of and access to the platform for arranging trips.

The users (drivers or passengers) act on their own responsibility.

uRyde cannot assume any liability for the execution of a journey or the booking of a public transport connection or a bus journey of a uRyde partner. This applies in particular to the existence or occurrence of one of the following cases:

  • false statements made by the driver in his advertisement or otherwise in relation to the trip and its conditions;
  • cancellation or modification of a trip by a user;
  • Non-payment of the cost contribution by a passenger;
  • the behavior of its users during, before or after the trip;
  • Cancellation or delay of a journey, public transport connection or bus journey;
  • Incorrect booking of other mobility services outside of the app.

3. Registration on the platform and creation of an account
3.1 Registration Conditions
Only private individuals who are over the age of 14 as passengers and over the age of 18 as providers of rides and who are in possession of a valid driver's license recognized in Germany and are entitled to use the platform are entitled to drive on the road with a driver's license authorized cars to participate.

Registering a person under the age of 14 on the platform is strictly prohibited. By accessing, using or registering for the platform, you confirm that you are at least 14 years of age.

Further regulations for booking rides for minors are explained in Section 4.2.2.

3.2 Creating an Account
By registering on the platform, as a registered user you can view public ride advertisements from other users and book rides, and as a driver you can place advertisements yourself.

You are obliged to provide truthful and complete information on your profile and to keep it up to date during your contractual relationship with uRyde. Your details can be updated in the user profile at any time.

When registering on the platform, you register with your personal mobile phone number and the registration code or the e-mail address of the mediating institution/community (office, university, college, etc.) or your employer. This is only possible if your employer or institution/municipality is a uRyde partner and thus provides you with a license (hereinafter referred to as "uRyde license") for booking and advertising trips.

By creating an account, you undertake to keep the registration code used (hereinafter also referred to as "uRyde code") secret and not to pass it on to anyone.

You are prohibited from maintaining additional accounts in addition to the account originally created, either in your own name or in the name of a third party.

3.3 Verification of an Account
uRyde may take steps to verify the data you provide in the profile where this is necessary for reasons of transparency, to create more trust or to prevent or detect fraud. This applies in particular to the verification of telephone numbers and identity papers. uRyde cannot guarantee the correctness, trustworthiness or validity of the data subject to the verification process.

4. Use of Services
4.1 Serving Ads
If the following conditions are met, you are entitled as a user to create and publish advertisements on the platform and you can therefore enter data about the trip you are planning (date, time, place of departure and arrival, number of seats offered, etc.).

The sections of the journey between the stopovers calculated automatically by the algorithm and the starting point and destination represent the routes (hereinafter referred to as "routes").

An advertisement may only be created and published if it meets all of the following conditions:

  • You have a valid driving license;
  • The advertisement you provide relates to a ride in a vehicle which you own or use with the express permission of the owner and which you are authorized to use for ridesharing;
  • You are and will remain the primary driver of the vehicle for which an Advertisement is placed;
  • There is valid liability insurance for the vehicle;
  • There is no driving ban for you;
  • The vehicle with which you want to make the trip is a 4-wheel car with a maximum of 7 seats;
  • You will not post another ad for the same trip on the Platform;
  • You do not offer more seats than the seats available and permitted in your vehicle;
  • All seats offered have a seat belt, even if the vehicle is approved with seats without seat belts;

A vehicle in good operating condition is used, which complies with the applicable legislation and, in particular, has a valid general inspection report and current registration. The information in your ad must be true. You are solely responsible for the content of the ad you place on the platform and you undertake to start the journey under the conditions described in your ad. If your ad meets the requirements of these GTC, it will be published in the app and for registered users Visible to users who conduct a search on the platform or via a website of uRyde partners. In the event that your ad does not comply with the T&Cs, uRyde reserves the right, at its own discretion and without prior notice, not to publish an ad or to be removed at any time. This right also applies to such ads that uRyde deems inappropriate or harmful. The classification and order of the ads is at uRyde's sole discretion.

4.2 Booking a ride
4.2.1 Booking Process
The app has a system for booking seats online for trips offered on the platform.

If a passenger would like to book a seat on a ride, he can submit a booking request (hereinafter referred to as "request") online, which can be accepted manually by the driver. After the driver has validated the booking request, the passenger will receive a booking confirmation.

If the driver accepts the request, the passenger can withdraw and cancel it at any time.

The telephone number of the respective contracting party will be released to you with the booking confirmation. After that, you are exclusively responsible for the fulfillment of the binding contract towards the other contracting party.

4.2.2 Attribution in a Booking and Terms of Use of the Service on Behalf of a Third Party
Passengers always book a ride for themselves.

However, uRyde gives users the option of booking one or more seats on behalf of a third party. In this case, the user who books the seat undertakes to provide the driver with the booking the first name, age and telephone number of the person traveling on whose behalf the seat is reserved. For minors under the age of 13, the use of a ride is only permitted if accompanied by a supervisor.

This platform is mainly intended for booking places for private individuals. uRyde only permits the booking of a place for the transport of an item or package with the express consent of the driver. The booking of seats for an unaccompanied animal or other materials is prohibited.

It is forbidden to post an ad for another driver. The driver himself must always have his own account in the app and use this to display the journey.

4.3 Booking and displaying other mobility offers
4.3.1 Bus systems from uRyde partners
Users of certain uRyde partners can use the app to reserve seats online for bus trips on the bus systems provided by the uRyde partner. A binding booking of a seat using a payment system is also only possible for users of uRyde partners with the appropriate license. The validity of the reservation or booking is limited exclusively to the date and period of the selected bus journey.

The reservation of a seat for a bus ride is not transferable to a third person and may not be made on behalf of third parties. uRyde cannot assume any liability for booking or reserving a seat on a bus trip.

4.3.2 Public Transport Connections
You can search for public transport connections on the platform and book them outside of the uRyde app. To book a public transport ticket, you will be redirected to the app or the website of the responsible transport company. There, the purchase and payment processing takes place under the conditions of the general terms and conditions of the respective operator that apply there. uRyde is never a party to the contract and assumes no liability for the booking.

4.4 Rating System
You are permitted to submit a review about a driver (if you are a passenger) or about a passenger (if you are a driver) if you have taken or should have taken a ride with them.

The assessment of other passengers who were not taken by you is not allowed. It is also prohibited to rate a driver unless you have reserved the trip via the app.

uRyde cannot publish or delete any rating, comment, question and answer if the content violates these GTC.

uRyde reserves the right to temporarily suspend your account, restrict your access to the Services, or terminate the contract with you in the event that (i) complaints about you as a user have been reported directly to uRyde, or (ii) you Received ratings below 3 stars from other users.

5. Contractual Conditions
5.1 Contribution to Costs

At the end of the journey, you as a passenger will be charged a fee. You also have the option of tipping the driver. The cost contribution depends in particular on the length of the journey and the detour that the driver had to take to pick up the passenger. uRyde does not become a contractual partner through this calculation of the cost contribution, the rights and obligations of the driver and passengers remain unaffected. To avoid abuse, uRyde reserves the right to limit the range of the tip.

uRyde reserves the right to round up or down the cost contribution for better handling and to determine the increment for setting the tip.

Using the platform in any form for making a profit is strictly prohibited according to Section 6 of these GTC. It is therefore your sole responsibility as the driver to limit the tip that you receive from the passenger to the operating costs of the car that you actually incur as a result of the journey.

5.1.1 Promotional Offers
uRyde may offer promotional offers from time to time and for limited periods of time. The conditions (in particular duration and price) of such special offers are published by uRyde on the platform and/or website.

5.2 Payment
5.2.1 Online Payment

As a driver, when using the electronic payment system, you assign the claims against the passenger for payments for the mobility services to uRyde. uRyde therefore asserts the claim for payment of the price of a ride in its own name against the passenger. At no time does uRyde become a party to any contract or other agreement concluded between users or providers of mobility services. uRyde only provides the platform and access to the app for arranging trips.

As a result, after the end of the journey, the specific contribution to costs, including the set tip if necessary, will be charged to the passenger and booked to an account intended for paying the driver.

uRyde reserves the right to pass on the transaction costs incurred for the payment service to the passenger via the electronic payment system.

None of the amounts collected by uRyde in the name and for the account of the driver gives rise to a right to interest. You agree to conscientiously answer inquiries from uRyde and in general from any administrative authority or court responsible for preventing or combating money laundering. In particular, they agree to provide evidence regarding your address and/or identity upon first request.

If there is no response to these requests, uRyde can take appropriate measures, in particular freezing amounts paid out and/or suspending your account and/or, in severe cases, terminating the contract concluded between you and uRyde.

The trip is considered confirmed after completion and payment of the cost contribution. From the moment of this confirmation you as a driver have a credit payable to your account. This credit corresponds to the contribution paid by the passenger at the time the booking was confirmed. As a driver, the money will be transferred to your specified bank account (by entering your bank details into your account beforehand).

The risk of non-payment of a passenger's contribution to costs lies solely with the driver; uRyde is not obliged to ensure successful, timely or proper payment.

uRyde reserves the right to change or restrict the available payment options at any time and to introduce other electronic payment systems and make them available as payment options.

5.2.2 Payment in cash in the vehicle
In the case of cash payment, the calculated contribution to costs should be paid to the driver in the vehicle at the latest before the passenger gets out of the vehicle.

As the driver, you undertake not to request payment of the cost contribution before the start of the journey. The risk of non-payment of a passenger's contribution to costs lies solely with the driver; uRyde is not obliged to ensure successful, timely or proper payment.

6. Prohibition of Profit and Commercial Use
As a registered user, you undertake to use the uRyde platform and services exclusively to establish contact and not to make a profit or for commercial purposes.

It is therefore prohibited to make a profit through higher income than the fee stipulated under the Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) Art. 1 Para. 2. Each driver has to bear his own share of the costs incurred by the trip and is solely responsible for calculating the operating costs caused by the trip. In addition, as the driver, you must ensure that the total cost contribution received from the passengers does not exceed the costs incurred by you.

If you get the impression that you want to make a profit on the app using a commercial vehicle or other company vehicle, taxi or company car, uRyde reserves the right to temporarily block your account.

If requested by uRyde, you are obliged to submit a copy of your vehicle registration document and/or any other document that proves that you are authorized to use this vehicle on the platform and not to make any profit from it.

uRyde reserves the right to temporarily suspend your account, limit your access to services or, in serious cases, terminate your membership if your activity on this platform is based on the type of trips offered, the frequency, the number of trips carried passengers or the requested cost contribution give reason to believe that you are making a profit or want to make a profit.

7. Cancellations
As a driver or passenger, you can cancel already booked or advertised trips that are paid for in cash at any time before the departure time. In this case, the driver does not receive any cost contribution from the passenger. You will also be informed immediately in the app about a cancellation by the other contracting party involved.

The following cancellation conditions apply to journeys where the passenger pays the cost contribution online.

  • In the event that the driver cancels the trip, the passenger will be reimbursed for the entire cost contribution.
  • If a passenger takes a trip that has already been booked

Reserved seats for bus trips from uRyde partners can be canceled at any time before the start of the trip.

To cancel your public transport ticket, please contact the relevant transport company from which you purchased your ticket.

8. Code of Conduct for Users of the Platform

8.1 Obligations for All Users of the Platform
As a user, you are solely responsible for complying with general laws, regulations and obligations that affect your use of the platform.

In addition, when using the platform and while driving, you are obliged to:

  • The platform may not be used for professional, commercial or profit-oriented purposes.
  • No false, deceptive or fraudulent information may be transmitted or displayed to uRyde or other users.
  • It is expressly forbidden to express or behave in a manner that is condescending, insulting, offensive, pornographic, vulgar, aggressive, unwanted, derogatory, violent, threatening, harassing, racist, xenophobic or sexual on the platform or on the ride includes connotations.
  • Inciting violence, discrimination or hate, promoting activities related to the use of illegal substances or generally violating the purpose of the app is expressly prohibited. Likewise, the rights of uRyde or a third party may not be infringed or violated common decency.
  • uRyde's rights, in particular image, copyright or other intellectual property rights, must not be violated.
  • No more than one account may be opened on the Platform and no account may be opened in the name of a third party.
  • If a booking fee is payable, this may not be circumvented. Attempting to avoid the booking fee and making the booking outside of the platform is prohibited.
  • No other user may be contacted, in particular via the platform, for any purpose other than to determine the conditions of the ride.
  • No payments may be accepted or made outside of the platform, with the exception of the cases permitted in these GTC.
  • These GTC and the uRyde data protection guidelines must be followed and taken into account.
  • Prior permission must be obtained from uRyde for intended commercial sound or image recordings of a journey.

8.2 Obligations for Drivers
In using the Platform as a Driver, you further agree to the following:

  • comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances applicable to driving and the vehicle; in particular, to ensure that liability insurance is valid at the time of the journey and to be in possession of a valid driver's license;
  • Check before driving that your insurance covers ride-sharing and that your passengers in your vehicle are considered third parties and are therefore covered by your insurance throughout the journey;
  • not to take any risks while driving and also not to consume any substance beforehand that could impair your alertness and your ability to drive prudently and in absolute safety;
  • only offer rides that you seriously intend to do;
  • carry out the offered trip according to the description of the advertisement and comply with the times and locations (in particular meeting points and drop-off points) specified to other users and determined by the app;
  • not to take more passengers than the number of seats indicated in the advertisement;
  • only use vehicles in good operating condition, in compliance with applicable laws and with a valid MOT report;
  • upon request, to send your driver's license, your registration certificate part 1 (former vehicle registration/vehicle registration document), your insurance certificate, your current inspection report for the main inspection and any document to uRyde or to show each passenger that proves your ability to use the vehicle as a driver on the platform ;
  • in the case of a cross-border journey, if requested by a passenger or an authority, to prove your identity and your right to cross the border;
  • post an advertisement regarding a vehicle that you do not own or are not authorized to use for ridesharing purposes;
  • to ensure that you can be reached by your fellow passengers by telephone on the number registered in your profile;
  • not to make any profit through the platform;
  • not to be subject to a driving ban, for example for medical reasons;
  • to behave appropriately and responsibly towards everyone involved during the journey and in communication and in line with the idea of โ€‹โ€‹the ride-sharing opportunity;
  • no booking based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, physical appearance, pregnancy, economic ability, name, place of residence, health, political affiliation or age.

8.3 Obligations for Passengers

By using the Platform as a Rider, you further agree to the following:

  • to behave appropriately while driving so as not to interfere with the driver's concentration or driving or the peace and quiet of other passengers;
  • to respect the driver's vehicle and its cleanliness;
  • in the event of a delay, notify the driver immediately;
  • to pay the driver a reasonable contribution to costs;
  • to wait for the driver at the meeting point at least 10 minutes after the agreed time;
  • present uRyde or the driver with your identity card or any other document proving your identity upon request;
  • not to carry any article, goods, substance or animal with you during a journey that could impair the driving and concentration of the driver or the nature, possession or carrying of which is contrary to the applicable legal provisions;
  • in the case of a cross-border journey, to prove your identity and the right to cross the border if requested by the driver or an authority;
  • to ensure that the driver can reach you by telephone on the number registered in your profile, especially at the meeting point.

If you have booked one or more places on behalf of a third party under the provisions of these T&Cs, you warrant that the third party has been made aware of, accepts and will comply with the T&Cs. uRyde reserves the right to temporarily block your account, restrict your access to services or, in particularly serious cases, delete your account if the third party violates these GTC.

9. Suspension, Restriction of Access and Termination of Accounts
You can terminate your contractual relationship with uRyde free of charge at any time and without giving reasons. All you have to do is activate the "Delete account" button on your profile page.

If you have previously processed transactions using the electronic payment service VR Payment, any credit balances in your user account must be paid out to the user's bank account before the account is deleted.

In case of:

  • breaches of these GTC, in particular your obligations as a user referred to in Articles 6 and 8 above;
  • disregarding and exceeding the limitations set out in Article 4.3 above;
  • Assumptions by uRyde based on reasonable grounds that it is necessary to take measures to ensure the security of the platform, the security of users or third parties, to prevent fraud or to conduct investigations for the aforementioned reasons, uRyde reserves the right to do so right to:

In serious cases, to terminate the contract concluded between you and uRyde immediately and without notice and to delete your account; and or

  • In other cases, prevent or remove the posting of a review, advertisement, message, booking request or other content posted by you on the Platform; and or
  • limit your access to and use of the Platform; and or

Block your account temporarily or permanently. You will always be informed of such measures in order to give you the opportunity to comment. After weighing and assessing the situation and circumstances, uRyde will decide to cancel the measures taken.

10. Privacy
By using the platform, uRyde will collect and process personal data from you. By using and registering as a registered user, you accept the processing of your personal data by uRyde in accordance with applicable law and its data protection declaration.

11. Copyright and right of use of uRyde

11.1 Content provided by uRyde

Subject to the content and data provided by users, uRyde is the sole owner of all copyrights. This applies in particular to the services, the platform, its content (especially texts, images, designs, logos, videos, sounds, data, graphics) and the software and databases that ensure its operation.

uRyde grants you a non-exclusive (exclusive), personal and non-transferable right to use the platform and the services for your personal, private and non-commercial use. These are based on the purpose of the platform and the services.

Any other use of the platform and the services as well as use and exploitation of their content without the prior written permission of uRyde is prohibited. Accordingly, you are not permitted to transfer the exploitation rights to third parties. In particular, you are prohibited from:

  • with the exceptions expressly granted by uRyde, reproduce, modify, adapt, duplicate, distribute, publicly display and disseminate the Platform, the Services and the Content;
  • decompile and reverse engineer the Platform or the Services, except as provided by law; and extract or attempt to extract any significant portion of the Platform's data (including, but not limited to, using data mining robots or other similar data collection tools).

11.2 Content Posted by Users on the Platform

As a registered user, you grant uRyde a non-exclusive license to use the content and data so that uRyde can guarantee the provision of the service (according to the purpose of the platform). This allows the content of users on the platform related to the use of the service to be made available to the public via the digital network according to any communication protocol (in particular internet and mobile network). The usage license is valid worldwide and for the duration of your contractual relationship with uRyde.

In particular, you allow uRyde to reproduce, display, adapt and translate User Content as follows:

  • You allow uRyde within the framework of the legal regulations and data protection guidelines, the complete or partial reproduction of your user content on any known digital recording media and in particular on any server, hard drive, memory card or other equivalent media, regardless of the format and through which known or previously unknown process, insofar as this is necessary for a storage, backup, transmission or download process associated with the operation of the platform and the provision of the service;
  • You permit uRyde to make the necessary adaptations and translations of your User Content and to reproduce these adaptations on any current or future digital medium mentioned in the point above with the aim of making the Platform and the Services available in different languages โ€‹โ€‹in particular. This right includes in particular the option to make changes to the formatting of your User Content in relation to your moral rights to comply with the graphical specifications of the Platform and/or its technical compatibility with a display of its publication via the Platform.

12. Platform Operation and Availability
uRyde endeavors, as far as possible, to enable access to the platform 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, there may be temporary failures without prior notice due to technical maintenance work, migration of data, updates or other technical events of our platform or the network in general.

uRyde reserves the right to terminate access to the Platform or its features in its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part; to change or suspend.

13. T&C Changes
These GTC form the complete agreement between you and uRyde in relation to your use of the platform and the services. Information, documents and announcements provided as part of the app serve as a guideline and can specify regulations from the GTC in detail.

uRyde reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, in particular due to equivalence disorders or adjustments to the legal framework. In the event of such a change, we will inform you of this by e-mail or SMS at least six weeks before the changed GTC come into effect. Changes to the GTC will take effect if you do not expressly object to the change in text form within the period specified in the e-mail or SMS after receipt of the change. We will inform you again of this period and the consequences of an objection in the e-mail or SMS.

14. Governing Law - Litigation
These terms and conditions are written in German and are subject to German law to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes is Nuremberg.

If necessary, you can also submit your complaints regarding our platform or our services to the complaints platform set up by the European Commission and available at this link .

We are not obliged and generally not willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

15. Legal notices
The uRyde platform is operated by CONNECT Mobility GmbH, based in Zollhof 7, 90443 Nuremberg.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to CONNECT Mobility GmbH at .

Status of the General Terms and Conditions: March 2022