Moving more together in the region - city, company, institution hand in hand

Gemeinsam in der Region mehr bewegen - Stadt, Unternehmen, Institution Hand in Hand

uRyde moves entire regions

uRyde's goal with our customers is to create sustainable, resource-saving and efficient mobility together. uRyde is moving forward in each region in a coordinated manner, as part of a joint consortium of corporations, financial institutions, medium-sized companies, clinics, universities and city administrations in order to establish a new sustainable and efficient mobility in the region.

City administration offices, districts and municipalities play an important role in establishing sustainable mobility in the region. On the one hand, they are often large employers in the region themselves and on the other hand, through the city bike, economic development or a department for environment and climate protection, they can also help numerous private sector employers join the consortium.

“An important building block in the area of ​​climate protection.” - Sabine Bock, City of Erlangen

The city of Erlangen has set itself the goal of meeting the 1.5°C climate target in the Erlangen city area and must therefore be climate neutral before 2030 . With around 62,000 commuters, the city of Erlangen needs a fast, efficient and sustainable mobility solution. For Sabine Bock, consultant for the environment and climate protection for the city of Erlangen, uRyde represents a suitable solution because it uses existing capacities and thus covers an important gap in sustainable mobility. “We have to reduce our car traffic by three quarters by 2028, and uRyde is one way we can achieve this goal, which is of course very ambitious.”

For this reason, the city of Erlangen has been part of uRyde since its joint launch in May 2022. Find out more about the collaboration between uRyde and the city of Erlangen in the following video:

uRyde moves entire regions and is an excellent addition to public transport

A metropolitan region, here in the picture below the Nuremberg metropolitan region, with the available bus connections (red), S-Bahn and regional train connections (orange) and subway connections (blue) on the left as well as the Nuremberg metropolitan region with all available ones Public transport connections as well as the ride and shuttle bus trips made available by uRyde.

In just one year, uRyde made over 1.2 million kilometers, a route 30 times around the world, available to others. A reduction of 100,000 tons of CO2 emitted per year can also be achieved by this.

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