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Store your uRyde mobility budget card in Apple/Google Pay

uRyde Mobilitätsbudget-Karte in Apple/Google Pay hinterlegen


You can use your uRyde mobility budget for 50+ mobility services worldwide. To do this, simply use your virtual uRyde mobility budget card as a payment method in the respective mobility app, which is available to you in the uRyde app under the menu item “Budget”. In order not to have to laboriously type this in for each provider individually, you can store your card details in Apple/Google Pay once and from then on use that as a payment method to spend your mobility budget very smoothly.

Set up a wallet - that's how it works!


To do this, the first step is to open your Apple or Google Wallet. Use the Plus to add a new card to the “Debit or Credit Card” category. You will now be asked to select a bank. Enter our cooperation partner SWAN in the search bar and select them. Since the uRyde mobility budget card is a virtual credit card, in the next step you select “Add card details manually”.

Now we need the credit card information and switch to the uRyde app. As already mentioned, you can find this via the “Budget” menu item. Now click on the “Show card details” field, which is located under the image of your virtual credit card. After you have entered your security PIN for validation, your card data is now available to you unencrypted.

You can now transfer this to your Apple/Google Wallet using the copy & paste function. To complete the transfer a confirmation code will now be sent to your registered phone number via SMS. Enter this in the field provided when you receive it.

Congratulations! Your uRyde mobility budget card is now successfully stored in your Apple/Google Wallet. From now on, when you book your mobility solution, you choose Apple/Google Pay as the payment method in the respective app and choose your deposited uRyde Mobility budget card and enjoy a relaxed payment process.



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