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#abgefahren | A sustainable journey through regional worlds of taste

#abgefahren | Eine nachhaltige Reise durch regionale Geschmackswelten

#abgefahren x kraftschluck

This time we are pleased to welcome Philipp Köstler from kraftschluck as a guest on the #abgefahren podcast - a startup that not only produces delicious smoothies, but also focuses on regionality and sustainable packaging. Since 2022, kraftschluck has been one of our lottery partners and therefore part of the uRyde community.

The origins of kraftschluck: regional taste expeditions in reusable glass bottles

The idea for kraft swallow came about during a university project.
The vision: To create a smoothie that is organic, regional and comes in an environmentally friendly reusable glass bottle. Using ingredients from the Nuremberg region (e.g. superfoods such as aronia or haskap berries), they want to bring regional flavor expeditions back to the shelves and at the same time reduce single-use waste and promote reusable deposit systems.

Partnership with uRyde: Short distances and sustainable mobility

The partnership came about when Malte (CEO of uRyde) approached kraftschluck and suggested the idea of ​​a cooperation. With kraftschluck we share the vision of short distances and sustainable mobility.
At the end of the month, our users have the chance to win a kraftschluck and have it sent to their home via the uRyde lottery .

This was an ideal opportunity for kraftschluck to strengthen its own regional networks and advocate for sustainable mobility.

Mobility in transition: Flexibility and networking are key

In the interview, Philipp emphasizes the importance of flexible and connected mobility solutions.
He mainly uses his bike and public transport. He describes the Germany Ticket as an innovation that could still use improvement in terms of costs.
In his opinion, future mobility should be simple, flexible and affordable.

“I think it is important that there is no longer just private transport, but that everything must be available. There have to be fewer hurdles to make it work quickly and easily.”

In keeping with the topic, Philipp would like to show us something. You can find out what that is in the video for the podcast . 😉

Looking into the future: kraftschluck on the way to becoming Bavaria's most popular smoothie

The next milestone for kraftschluck will be a major relaunch with small bottles next year. To do this, they want to work with larger partners and conquer canteens and supermarkets across Germany.

The goal is to promote (German) organic farming and to bring back awareness of short transport routes with smoothies.
And who knows? Hopes are high that kraftschluck will be one of the most popular smoothies in Bavaria - or even southern Germany - by the end of 2024.

Conclusion: A shared journey for fruitful change

Our partnership with kraftschluck goes beyond the lottery. We are on a journey together where we want to make mobility more sustainable and raise awareness of short transport routes.

Or as kraft swallow would put it: "Together we make the world a little better" - cheers to that!

We wish kraft swallow all the best and love for the rest of the journey and would like to thank Philipp for his time and valuable input. 💚

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