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#abgefahren | A mobility revolution in the workplace

#abgefahren | Eine Mobilitätsrevolution am Arbeitsplatz

#abgefahren x Siemens Healthineers

For our next #abgefahren podcast episode we met with Andreas Gottschlich from Siemens Healthineers. The interview gave us insights into the world of Siemens Healthineers, its rapid growth and the challenges that come with it in terms of mobility at the locations in Erlangen and Forchheim.

Mobility challenges with increasing growth

Andreas is responsible for all real estate issues at Siemens Healthineers and ensures that the real estate and mobility needs of employees at the Erlangen and Forchheim locations are taken care of.

The Forchheim location is currently being expanded and new challenges are arising in terms of mobility. The increasing number of employees requires mobility solutions. As the location grows, so does the need for parking spaces and overall mobility.

Andreas says that around 1,000 new employees are currently being added to the location. This is a remarkable number that makes it necessary to expand the existing infrastructure.

A partnership for sustainable mobility

To address these challenges, Siemens Healthineers founded an interest group for sustainable mobility a few years ago. This group is not only committed to mobility, but also to all sustainability issues. In close collaboration with uRyde, solutions have been developed since May 2022 that cover both the existing bus routes and promote the overall mobility of employees.

“We have a decent share of riders and the goal is still to encourage even more people to ride with uRyde.”

The future of mobility: Sustainable and adaptable

Andreas Gottschlich shares his vision for the future of mobility. He believes that increased flexible mobility will become the norm in the coming years. Instead of owning their own car, employees can organize trips flexibly and conveniently using the uRyde app, adapted to weather conditions and individual factors. This environmentally friendly and healthy mobility solution is becoming increasingly important because it takes the needs of employees and the environment into account equally.

Mobility and the generation factor

An interesting aspect was the generational factor in relation to mobility. Andreas emphasized that the willingness to use alternative mobility solutions definitely depends on age. While the younger generation is more open to new approaches, there are still employees who rely on a car and/or have no other option. Nevertheless, the goal of Siemens Healthineers is to bring about a change in the mobility culture through education and support and to promote the acceptance of sustainable mobility.

The successes of a groundbreaking collaboration

The collaboration with Siemens Healthineers is a groundbreaking example of how companies can work together on solutions to revolutionize workplace mobility. The future promises even greater collaboration to create sustainable change and innovative mobility solutions.


We would like to thank Andreas for his valuable input and look forward to continuing to make an important contribution to sustainable mobility at the Siemens Healthineers locations. Let's create a sustainable and healthy future together! 😉🌿

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