Corporation and startup - A successful cooperation for sustainable employee mobility

Konzern und Startup - Eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit für eine nachhaltige Mitarbeitermobilität

Corporations and startups - collaboration that benefits everyone

uRyde's goal is to create sustainable, resource-saving and efficient mobility in cooperation with our customers. uRyde is moving forward in each region in a coordinated manner, as part of a consortium of corporations, financial institutions, medium-sized companies, clinics, universities and city administration offices in order to establish a new, sustainable and efficient mobility in the region.

Large corporations play a prominent role here. On the one hand, due to the often large number of employees at the locations and, on the other hand, through our own mobility offerings such as company and shuttle bus systems.

Since its founding, uRyde has worked closely with large corporations such as Siemens AG , adidas , Siemens Healthieners, PUMA and Siemens Energy, as we are closely linked by the goal of creating a new sustainable mobility in many different regions of the world.

“I see uRyde as the future of reshaping mobility” - Michael Becker from Siemens Energy AG

Siemens Energy AG has been part of uRyde since the beginning with several locations in both Bavaria and Berlin. “We have set ourselves the goal of becoming CO2-neutral by 2030, and in this respect uRyde is an excellent platform, as an app with which we can bring our employees closer together and, secondly, do something good for the environment,” says Michael Becker.
For Siemens Energy, uRyde represents an opportunity to improve their employees' own behavior in regards to mobility and thus overall site mobility. Find out more about the collaboration between uRyde and Siemens Energy in the following video:

Siemens Healthineers AG has also been part of uRyde since the beginning. “We hope that together we can get a lot of people from our company onto the app so that people drive together and the topic of sustainability, which is very important for us, is promoted accordingly and people support the CO2 goals together,” says Andreas Gottschlich, Location Manager at Siemens Healthineers .
He was convinced at the time that a “very innovative team” at uRyde characterized by “commitment and perseverance” continues to drive the development of the app and vision forward to this day. One in six Siemens Healthineers employees (as of summer 2023) is now using uRyde at the locations in Erlangen and Forchheim.

The factory and shuttle buses are also already firmly integrated into the uRyde app

The shuttle and company buses from adidas, PUMA, Siemens and Siemens Healthineers are already integrated into the uRyde app. Employees not only have access to all cross-employer ridesharing trips and public transportation connections, but can also directly access their own company and shuttle buses. Shared use by employees of third-party companies is also possible thanks to an integrated ticketing system, thereby increasing the utilization of the buses.

The administration of the factory and shuttle buses is also controlled centrally from the uRyde dashboard and all tax-relevant information is provided by uRyde for payroll accounting.

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