Company bike as a sustainable and attractive employee benefit with uRyde

Dienstrad als nachhaltiger und attraktiver Mitarbeiterbenefit mit uRyde

Company bike leasing is a popular employee benefit for good reason – including on the employer side. It enables employees to get to work in an environmentally friendly and flexible way, without any traffic jams or searching for a parking space. The company bike can be used both privately and professionally and at the same time promotes the health of employees and strengthens the bond with the company. Through salary conversion, employees save up to 40% compared to a private purchase.

Tax-attractive and sustainably mobile

The company bike can be made available to the employee either as a salary conversion or a salary subsidy with tax relief or even tax-free.
  • Salary conversion: Here, the employee pays the monthly company bike leasing installments from his gross salary, so that no social security contributions are incurred. Since 2020, only 0.25% of the non-binding list price (RRP) has to be taxed. The employee can also use the bike privately. Employers often also contribute to the insurance of the company bike.
  • Salary subsidy: In this case, the employer covers the full leasing and insurance costs of the company bike and gives it to the employee in addition to the wages that are already owed. The company bike is completely tax-free!

Thanks to preferential taxation, the company bike is not only financially more attractive, but also more environmentally friendly than a company car and can also replace a car in combination with other means of transport.

uRyde mobility budget and company bike cleverly combined

Company bike leasing can be easily provided via the uRyde mobility budget and combined with a variety of other services. For example, employees can decide whether they want to use their budget to book 50+ mobility services and/or to lease a company bike.

Employees can apply for company bike leasing directly via the uRyde app and manage and pay for it together with the mobility budget.

As an employer, all standard tasks, such as the approval and contract processing of company bikes as well as tax settlement, regardless of whether as salary conversion or salary subsidies, are carried out according to your specifications. The latter is automatically prepared for your payroll department and made available as a tax file. You can easily control, monitor and process all processes and services using the uRyde dashboard.

You also have the option of managing all other uRyde mobility services via the uRyde dashboard.

In a nutshell - your advantages with a company bike with uRyde

Overall, company bike leasing via uRyde represents a win-win situation for both sides. Thanks to the tax advantages, employees can save up to 40% when purchasing their dream bike compared to buying it privately, while at the same time the employer benefits from reduced social security contributions and the Promoting healthy and CO2-neutral employee mobility, which also has a positive effect on your CSR report. This makes company bike leasing an attractive option for many employers and their employees.

Briefly and compactly summarized, a company bike leasing with uRyde means:

  • Highly automated authorization check as well as control and monitoring of individual budgets for your employees
  • Monthly, highly automated import of all data for payroll and your accounting via uRyde dashboard
  • Company bikes and mobility budgets can be easily combined so that every employee has full flexibility
  • Tax advantages through 0.25% regulation (salary conversion) or tax exemption (salary subsidy)
  • Outage management and helpdesk for your employees on the subject of uRyde
  • Promoting healthy and CO2-neutral employee mobility
  • Reduction of Scope 3 emissions in your balance sheet

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