Communication material for your rollout

Communication material for your rollout

Reduce your fuel costs

Reduziere Deine Spritkosten

Sustainably reduce mobility costs with uRyde!

With uRyde

With uRyde you can share and book trips – and of course also benefit financially. Because for every trip on which you take someone with you, you will be compensated for a share of the travel costs. In the long term, you can sustainably reduce your mobility costs. If, on the other hand, you travel along with someone else, you pay them as small fee, keeping your own mobility costs low as well.

This is how you reduce your mobility costs with uRyde:

  • Book or share trips and thereby reduce fuel costs

  • The uRyde app finds the best mobility alternative for you

  • The more trips you share, the more your fuel costs will be reduced

    Together we are taking the path towards sustainable mobility – with less traffic and fewer emissions!

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