Communication material for your rollout

Communication material for your rollout

Maximum safety on your journey

Maximale Sicherheit bei Deiner Fahrt

Travel safely with uRyde

uRyde has comprehensive safety features so that all uRyders always reach their destination safely. In addition to mandatory registration, including a verified telephone number, name and uRyde partner code, a filter, along with a rating system, ensures that uRyders always receive enough information about travelers and passengers respectively. uRyders also provide their license plate number, car make and model. All uRyders are also verified.

The uRyde app offers these additional security features:

  • In the event of an accident, all passengers and valuables are insured due to mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance - even on the way to work

  • If you feel unwell during a ride, you can quickly get help using the uRyde safety button

  • Live tracking allows you to share your live location with family members or friends

    Together we are taking the path towards sustainable mobility - and safety is a top priority!

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