uRyde - How it works

uRyde - How it works

Sharing rides together - made easy!

As a driver: Offer trips flexibly and in real time

Share your journey with other uRyders in the uRyde app. To do this, you simply enter your destination in the app - the in-app navigation will then reliably navigate you there using the fastest route.

If someone wants to ride with you, you will be notified in real time in the app and you can decide whether you want to accept or reject the request. In addition, you can see all important information such as fare, entry and exit point and the necessary detour in the request.

As a passenger: Just get on!

Simply enter your destination and let the app show you immediately available uRyde trips that you can request. Once your booking has been accepted, the app will navigate you to the meeting point. You can see where your uRyde driver is based on the live location, so you can get on easily and uncomplicatedly.

Ride and benefit together

If you drive together, you not only make better use of the car and thereby save emissions, you also get to know new people. uRyde also conveniently guides you to the passengerโ€™s exit point.

Reduce travel costs and arrive relaxed

At the end of the journey, the driver receives a share of the travel costs from the passenger, which means that you as the driver can cover your fuel and operating costs. Both drivers and passengers can submit a rating after the trip.

After the passenger has got out, the navigation guides the driver to their final destination.