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  • Feel free to use the images and texts for your internal communication for the uRyde mobility services available at your location.
  • All texts and images are freely available
  • The red boxes only serve as support and do not contain any text modules .
  • In order to increase readability, the placeholder “sample company” was chosen where your company/institution name appears.
  • The communication material is supplemented at regular intervals with further communication modules.
Communication modules:

Welcome to uRyde

We are pleased that you, as an employer, are now part of uRyde and would like to provide you with the appropriate communication materials via the link under this text and the following text modules, which you can use freely in your internal communication.

Included in the first uRyde communication module:

  • uRyde logo
  • uRyde Attention posters
  • uRyde explanatory posters
  • Email newsletter text


Advertise rides

Book ridesharing, company/shuttle bus or public transportation trips

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