Example SharePoint / Intranet presence


  • Feel free to use the images and texts for your SharePoint / intranet presence for the uRyde mobility services available at your location.
  • All texts and images are freely available and can simply be copied out and the images can be downloaded directly using the “Download image” buttons.
  • The red boxes only serve as support and do not contain any text modules for your SharePoint / Internet presence.
  • The "More information" button contains uRyde pages that can be referenced , but are not intended for replication in your SharePoint / Intranet presence.
  • In order to increase readability, the placeholder “sample company” was chosen in the places where your company/institution name appears.
  • The example SharePoint / Intranet presence is updated at regular intervals, so you are welcome to update your SharePoint / Intranet presence based on it.
uRyde | model company

uRyde | model company

Our goal: Sustainable mobility at our location.


Please include the appropriate text module from the templates below to explain how uRyde works. If you have several uRyde Mobility Services at your location, you are welcome to use more than one.


Please include the corresponding “digital flyer” below that explains the respective uRyde mobility solution at your location.

Free download

Download the appropriate information material and feel free to pass it on.


Below you will find links to uRyde's "How it works" pages, which you are welcome to reference in your SharePoint / Intranet presence.

How it works: Other uRyde Mobility Services

Below you will find relevant FAQs for the respective uRyde Mobility Services.

Feel free to use individual FAQs for your pages. For a larger number of FAQs, please refer to the following page.


Advertise rides

Book ridesharing, works/shuttle bus or public transport trips