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Blog by uRyern for uRyder

Yes, traffic jam again!

Eine Arbeitswoche im Stau

What do you like better?
A relaxed serial marathon, 35 walks, going out to eat 17 times – or being stuck in traffic for the same amount of time?

A statistic from 2018 shows that each of us is stuck in traffic for an average of 35 hours a year. 35 hours!

Just imagine what you could do with those 35 hours. All in all we were stuck in traffic for about 29 years (in 2020) - just imagine how much time you could spend with family, with friends, with pets, time exercising, cooking, etc. All in all, we all together form about 1,400 traffic jams with a total length of over 650,000 kilometers - that corresponds to the same distance as going to the moon and almost back again (one way: 384,000 km).

Traffic jams not only waste time, they also damage our environment enormously - because traffic jams produce an average of 50% more CO2 than moving traffic. Traffic jams are real environmental killers!

How can we get better here?

With uRyde you can flexibly share journeys in real time at any time so that other road users can ride with you - or you can drive with someone yourself instead of sitting alone in the car. Especially in commuter traffic, traffic jams quickly develop and we all lose time - and worsen our CO2 footprint. By using cars more efficiently on our roads, we can counteract the formation of traffic jams and reduce the load on the roads.

Less traffic creates more mobility, because the many shared journeys mean that you still remain flexible and mobile.

You can find out exactly how ridesharing via uRyde works under " How it works ".

Better to drive together than alone in a traffic jam! Just try it out and get the uRyde app now!

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