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Heavy box

Schwere Kiste

148 million tons is roughly the weight of a million blue whales.

Admittedly, people probably can't do much with this, but that's how much greenhouse gas emissions from German road traffic will weigh in 2022.

For comparison: Germany emitted a total of 746 million tons of CO 2 in 2022, so traffic accounts for almost 20% of all emitted greenhouse gases.

The good news first:

Theoretically, in Germany we are putting less strain on the environment per km than before. This is due to stricter emissions regulations for newly registered cars and the introduction of regulated catalytic converters for gasoline cars.

The bad news:

Traffic itself has increased in recent years and the trend towards larger cars has increased. The combination of both causes total CO 2 emissions to continue to increase.

According to the Federal Environment Agency of Germany, technical improvements to the vehicle or alternative energy sources (e.g. electric cars) alone are no longer sufficient. It takes

  • Measures for efficient traffic
  • A lower demand for traffic
  • Change in the choice of means of transport

We have considered this:

Currently, traffic consists of approximately 65% ​​car use, 15% public transport and 3% bicycle use. However, the utilization would change as follows

1.5 people per car ➡️ 2 people per car

65% of car usage ➡️ 50% car usage

5% of public transport users ➡️ bicycle

We could save around 1.39 gigatons of CO 2 . Giga. So Factor: 10 9 . This is really GIGANTIC!

actual traffic miximpact calculationpotential change of traffic

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Don't despair - dare. 😉

All of this is not too far-fetched, because uRyde can provide good support when it comes to efficient traffic . Using traffic resources more efficiently is possible with our app . You can see exactly how this works here .

Thanks to uRyders, we have already been able to save 100 thousand tons of CO 2 in the Nuremberg metropolitan region within one year. 🥳

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