Communication material for your rollout

Communication material for your rollout

Public transport strike? With uRyde you will still arrive

ÖPNV Streik? Mit uRyde kommst Du trotzdem an

On Monday, March 27th, 2023, public transport will be on strike in many federal states.

With #uRyde , [name of your employer] still creates mobility for you so that you can get to work.

Share your trips next Monday and beyond with the uRyde app with just a few clicks.
Spontaneous, flexible and in real time!

With it
... we are increasing the mobility on offer despite the strike at your location ... reducing CO
2 emissions,
... strengthen togetherness.

This is how it works:

2. Offer a ride – navigate and automatically share rides
3. Simply get on – use pedestrian navigation to guide you to the meeting point

4. Drive together – reduce emissions and meet new people

5. Arrive relaxed despite the strike - share travel costs and fuel costs

to reduce

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