Communication material for your rollout

Communication material for your rollout

Let's move more together

Lass uns gemeinsam mehr bewegen

Do something good for the environment with uRyde!

Each car causes an average of 118g of CO2 to be emitted per kilometer. With a daily distance of almost 20 kilometers, the distance of an average commute, those car trips emit around 94kg of CO2 per month. We at uRyde think that’s too much, which is why we want to work with you to counteract negative environmental impact caused by daily commuting. Thanks to uRyde, trips can be shared and booked, which can significantly reduce overall traffic on the roads. In this way, we can save CO2 emissions together – and thus set a sustainable example for climate protection.

This is how you can contribute to climate protection together with uRyde:

  • High transparency about CO2 saved per shared uRyde trip

  • Possibility to donate your uRyde-earnings to environmental or social charity projects

  • Efficiently find the most sustainable mobility solution

    Together we are taking the path towards sustainable mobility – with less traffic and fewer emissions!

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