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uRyde driver starter-kit

Your perfect equipment so that you can safely navigate with uRyde and never forget to share your ride: 

With the handy phone holder you always have the traffic situation and your uRyde requests in view. You can also look forward to other surprises in this set.


10 € gas voucher

With uRyde, you can not only reduce your driving costs to 0 euros by sharing your ride, but also by filling up your tank for free. 

With the €10 uRyde fuel voucher you can do just that.  

10€ uRyde credit code

Get from A to B for free:

With the 10€ uRyde credit code you can book rides for free and get to your destination quickly and sustainably.


10 € Coupon for trampoline park Nuremberg

For all sport aces:

Take off at Airtime in Nuremberg.

With the 10 € uRyde X Airtime voucher you can really power up and spend a great day at the trampoline park Nuremberg. 

More great prizes to come...

There are always more great prizes to come. Stay tuned and keep sharing rides until then! 

Do you think we should include more great prizes? 

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