uRyde School

Let's work together to reduce Covid-19 on our school buses!

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Intelligent matching

Through uRyde School, school buses can be significantly relieved by bringing students together to carpool, who attend the same classes.

Low cost

It is our concern to offer a solution quickly, effectively and without high costs, so that our schools can reopen.

Since there are operations related costs associated the app, it is unfortunately not possible to offer it for free. However, we will gladly send you the exact pricing model if you just fill out the contact form.


Usable within 48 hours at any school in Germany

Just fill out the contact form and we can as well activate your school for uRyde School, in under 48 hours.

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uRyde School compact summary

We have created a flyer for you that is available to download for free.

Spread the word about uRyde School with as many people as possible, because only together can we overcome these challenging times.

Become a partner school in just three steps

1. Fill out the below contact form

2. uRyde School contract

You can sit back and we will get back to you within a few hours with any additional information.

3. uRyde School launch

We provide an access code for your school so that all students and teachers can use uRyde School. In addition, we provide marketing materials so that everyone at your school can know about uRyde School.