Become a uRyde Pioneer!

Shape sustainable mobility and reduce your fuel cost to €0.

Register without obligation and reduce your fuel costs to 0 €

30 Cent per kilometer guaranteed

Receive 30 cents tax-free per kilometer and earn money by sharing the vacant car seats on your everyday rides.

Bonus of up to  

Put a uRyde sticker on your car and receive a monthly bonus from uRyde.

Win great prizes every month

All users can win great prizes every month. The more trips you make as a pioneer, the higher are your chances of winning.

Meet new people

Meet lots of new people during your rides and create a sustainable mobility.

Your month as a uRyde Pioneer could look like this:

0,30 € * 25 km 🛣 * 40 Rides + Bonus 💸 = 350 € + 🎁 + 🤝

What is a uRyde Pioneer?

In the times of energy crisis and climate change, uRyde launched in various metropolitan regions with great support from many employers and politicians. 

As a uRyde pioneer, you can make your car journeys visible to others flexibly and in real time and receive 0.30 euros per kilometer.

Sounds exciting?


What is the difference between uRyde pioneers and uRyde users?

uRyde is currently only available for employees and students of uRyde partners. Whether you can see here whether you can already use uRyde.

As a uRyde pioneer, it is your opportunity to become part of uRyde as a private person and to share rides.

As a uRyde pioneer you will also receive a customized app version that allows you to share rides regardless of time and place, in addition to the normal uRyde riders. In addition, instead of 0.14 euros per kilometer, you will always get 0.30 euros per kilometer when you give someone a ride.

This means that even if you already use uRyde normally, it can be worthwhile for you to become a uRyde pioneer.

Starting Requirements

A car

You only need a roadworthy and registered car. It doesn’t matter whether your car has two, three, four or five seats.

A driver's license and 18 years of age

You must have a valid driver’s licence and be at least 18 years old.

Your documents will be checked and verified before you are listed as a pioneer at uRyde.


As a uRyde pioneer, you should be somewhat flexible in terms of time, but of course you can always decide for yourself when you want to be available for ride-sharing.

Covid-19 vaccine

To ensure that you and your fellow passengers are always safe on the road, you should be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 by the time you start.

How can I become a uRyde Pioneer

Register today and shape the mobility of tomorrow

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You need a valid driver’s license and a roadworthy vehicle.
  • You need a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system. 
  • You should be somewhat flexible in terms of time and like to communicate with people. 

You only need a roadworthy and registered car. It doesn’t matter if your car has two, three, four or five seats.

In the uRyde app, you specify times when you are available. That makes you visible to all uRyde users so you can accept rides and link them to your daily errands. Via in-app payment, you receive 30 cents per kilometer from the rider for your jointly driven route.

You have the possibility to put a uRyde pioneer sticker on your car. For promoting uRyde, you will receive an extra bonus depending on the number of rides you share.

Any more questions?

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