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Making big things happen ​

Cross partner launch in one region

Critical mass from Day 1

Reduction in traffic and parking space requirement

Reduce Emissions

Socialization across partners

Hamburg Metropolitan Region

The Hanseatic city on the Elbe is already part of uRyde with the first employers and is thus creating sustainable mobility on Hamburg's streets.

Berlin Metropolitan Region

In the number 1 traffic jam capital, uRyde has already partnered with Siemens Energy for efficient mobility on the streets of Berlin.

Nürnberg Metropolitan Region

In the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, more than 130,000 people from numerous multi-national companies, medium-sized enterprises and universities have already partnered with uRyde.

Vienna Metropolitan Region

uRyde is also active in Austria and is helping to ensure that sustainable and efficient mobility will soon be available in the Austrian capital.

Benefits for uRyde Partners

Reduce parking space, improve mobility, promote exchange

With uRyde, you can improve mobility at your location / in your region, thereby reducing parking space and traffic, and promoting exchange among each other and across partners.

Reduce traffic, control emissions and relieve employees / citizens

 Active climate and environmental protection is one of the most important issues of our time. Together with uRyde, we can not only address the issue of climate change but also relieve your employees and citizens in times of high fuel prices.

Visibility through a cross-partner launch

We start together with a critical mass from day one. All uRyde partners are part of a media-effective launch and are visible through it.

One App - All mobility solutions

In addition to real-time ride sharing and intermodal public transport integration, internal shuttle bus systems, last-mile solutions and a bus-on-demand system can also be easily integrated in our app.

Frequently Asked Question

uRyde supports you from conception to launch and beyond. We provide you with comprehensive uRyde communication material, coordinate the launch across partners and enable you to use the uRyde Dashboard to evaluate mobility at your location / in your region. .

Get in touch with us and someone from the team will be happy to send you more information.


Any employer, county, city, community, school or university can become a uRyde partner.
Join an existing uRyde region or simply contact us.
We would be happy to support you together with our existing customers in order to roll out sustainable and efficient mobility across partners in your region.

No! Accident insurance is always liable on the way to work. This also covers detours as part of a car pool.


The DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) states:

Wegeunfälle sind Unfälle, die Beschäftigte auf dem Weg zur oder von der Arbeit erleiden. Versichert sind auch Umwege, die zum Beispiel nötig werden:

Commuting accidents are the accidents that employees might have on the way to or from work. Detours that are necessary are also insured, for example:

  • to accommodate children during working hours
  • During Carpooling
  • at diversions
  • if the workplace can be reached more quickly over a longer distance

In the case of private journeys, the vehicle owner’s compulsory vehicle liability insurance is always liable.

In order to ensure a critical mass from the beginning of a rollout in your region, uRyde starts across partners.
Several partners are already available in many regions. Get in touch with us so uRyde can soon be a reality in your region as well, with a critical mass from day 1.

Several companies and institutions already rely on uRyde

Become a part of uRyde

Do you want to make uRyde available to you, or do you simply have questions or suggestions about uRyde?
Please send us a message. We will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also book a personal appointment directly on the contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Malte Andree
Co-Founder and CEO