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On the short haul, each passenger car is occupied by only 1.1 persons on average. Public transport has an average occupancy rate of 17%. 

With uRyde, the slogan “Many cars and less mobility” becomes “More mobility with fewer cars”. 


Real time carpooling

Through an in-app navigation, each driver can advertise rides in real time and spontaneously.


On-Demand Bus system

Both uRyde on-demand and external bus-on-demand systems can be integrated into uRyde and additionally operated cost-effectively, by connecting them to public transport as well as carpooling.


Intermodal public transport integration

Thanks to the integration of public transport, public transport rides can be booked in addition to carpooling journeys and intermodally networked with other mobility solutions.


Internal shuttle bus systems

Whether local bus line or shuttle bus. Everything can be integrated into uRyde.

In-App Navigation

uRyde has an in-app navigation feature that allows drivers to always safely and reliably navigate through the fastest route to their destination, while conveniently picking up passengers along the way.

Intermodal Integration

uRyde integrates local public transport as well as shuttle bus and bus on-demand systems and links them intermodally.

By making additional use of free capacity in the form of vacant seats, emissions are reduced and the utilization of our mobility is increased.

Virtual Exit Points

uRyde ensures maximum safety not only during the journey, but also during boarding and disembarking. For this purpose, uRyde has a dense network of virtual exit points, which guarantees short distances for the passenger and ensures safe boarding and alighting, without obstructing other road users.

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