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Together with all of you, we brought a new sustainable mobility to the streets of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region in May. We received a lot of feedback from you this month - from small bugs you found, to suggestions for improvement, to completely new feature ideas. We have read everything and even implemented many of them for you. Read here what you can expect in the near future.

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What's the news?

Woohoo! Together with you, the users, uRyders and new mobility enthusiasts, we successfully launched uRyde in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region in May!

On average, now a ride is offered every four minutes in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. That’s great!!! 

But for a new sustainable mobility in the entire Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, we still have a long way to go. Which is why it is important for us to know, what works well, what doesn’t yet, what features you would like to see and what are the problems.
In a survey on “how to improve uRyde”, we compiled important information and now have made much of it available to you in the latest updates.

In addition to feedback, suggestions and criticism, we also asked our users, which features they would like the most to see in the app.

45% have wished to be able to individually set the fuel cost sharing as a driver! As this was the most desired feature, now we have it! Simply update the app and you can set the contribution amount within a certain price range.

Klicke hier um zu vergrößern
Klicke hier um zu vergrößern

Many of you asked for the possibility to send a short explanation to the requestor in case of turning down a ride request.

Voilà! Now the feature is available. Should you have to decline a request, you have the possibility to leave a short personal message to the passenger.

We have even more for you:

Additional new features:

  • Display of the average response time of the driver – So you can see at a glance, how long it could take approximately for the driver to respond to your ride request. 
  • We have adjusted the reminders for posted and booked rides, so you will always be informed in time before the ride.

What else are we working on?

uRyde is under constant development and so are the upcoming new features:

  • Route selection when inserting a trip – each driver can select different suggested routes. 
  • Add multiple vehicles – from the next update it will be possible to register not only one car, but multiple. 

If you have further suggestions, questions or ideas, just let me know! Feel free to send me a direct email to or use the contact form below. This way you can help to make mobility on our roads more sustainable and at the same time actively shape uRyde!

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