uRyde Lottery

Share Rides - Win Prizes

Sharing trips with uRyde not only reduces emissions and traffic, but also gives you the chance to win great prizes in the uRyde raffle. With every shared or booked ride, you get a ticket to enter the draw. More tickets increase your chance of winning.

How it works

  1. Share or book your rides via the uRyde app.
  2. Receive one uRyde ticket automatically for each shared or booked ride, so your chances of winning increase with every ride.
  3. With a bit of luck, you will be drawn as a uRyde winner at the end of the month. Of course, we will notify you if you are one of the lucky winners.
  4. Choose one of the many great prizes and have it sent to you.
  5. Have fun, redeem prizes and keep sharing rides!

uRyde prizes

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uRyde driver starter-kit

Your perfect equipment so that you can safely navigate with uRyde and never forget to share your ride: 

With the handy phone holder you always have the traffic situation and your uRyde requests in view. You can also look forward to other surprises in this set.


10 € gas voucher

With uRyde, you can not only reduce your driving costs to 0 euros by sharing your ride, but also by filling up your tank for free. 

With the €10 uRyde fuel voucher you can do just that.  

10€ uRyde credit code

Get from A to B for free:

With the 10€ uRyde credit code you can book rides for free and get to your destination quickly and sustainably.

Navis Gin

For all gin lovers:

Every Navis gin is absolutely unique due to its banderole made from an original nautical map.

  • 0% plastic 
  • 100% sustainable
  • 100% taste

You can choose between the summery ADRIA Gin and the more tart NORDSEE Gin.

Coupon for trampoline park Nuremberg

For all sport aces:

Take off at Airtime in Nuremberg.

With the 10 € uRyde X Airtime voucher you can really power up and spend a great day at the trampoline park Nuremberg. 

More great prizes to come...

More prizes will follow in the upcoming weeks.  

Stay tuned and keep sharing rides until then! 

You think that we should include more prizes? 

uRyde Driver - Starter Kit

So that you can safely navigate in the car with uRyde and don't forget to share trips.

Navis Gin - Adria & Nordsee

For Gin lovers, for those who want to try it out or those who simply enjoy a delicious drink in evening.

Free Rides with uRyde

Drive from point A to B for free and meet amazing new people along the way.

More great prizes are on the way!

That's not all. We'll be announcing more great prizes in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and keep sharing rides until then!