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Everyone in Germany spends approximately 35 hours per year stuck in a traffic jam.
Let's reduce traffic and save time!
The German car sector is responsible for a yearly output of 146 billion tons of CO2 emissions.
Let's make mobility more environmentally-friendly!
On average, only 1.2 people sit within a driving car.
There is lots of space left!

Integrated Navigation

uRyde has in-app navigation, which allows trips to be shared in real time and on demand, thereby significantly improving vehicle utilization.

In-App Payment

uRyde’s in-app digital payment system makes it fast and convenient to charge travel costs.

Multimodulare Mobility

uRyde already has comprehensive intermodal public transport integration and can also integrate other mobility solutions such as last-mile solutions, bus-on-demand systems or company-internal company bus lines if required.

More mobility with less traffic - The Nuremberg metropolitan region moves forward

Focus on Sustainability

By combining navigation and carpooling, motorists become uRyde drivers on their daily routes. This way, uRyde uses the free spaces in the existing cars on our road, without adding any new vehicles into the traffic, thus helping to improve car utilization.

Critical Mass from Day One

uRyde works across partners, so all uRyde partners in a region launch together, reaching critical mass from day one. In addition, there are more than 200 uRyde pioneers in each uRyde region, who guarantee a constant availability of rides.

uRyde Mobility Services

uRyde App

uRyde aims to significantly improve the utilization of existing resources and thus create an efficient on-demand mobility.

In addition to the pooling of vehicles, especially private cars, uRyde is modularly developed and can be easily expanded to include the company’s own bus on-demand system or uRyde School, in addition to last-mile solutions, public transport, company/internal company and shuttle buses.

On-Demand Bus

uRyde School