uRyde: More mobility with less traffic!

What is uRyde?

uRyde is a mobility app for sharing and booking rides to more efficiently utilize our existing mobility resources. The app is available to all employees of participating employers. With uRyde, you can make your ride flexible available to others in real time. Of course, you can also join others driving in the same direction. In addition to pooling rides, shuttle or company buses are also integrated, as well as regional public transport services!

How uRyde exactly works, you can see on “So-gehts“.

Why is uRyde only available to employees
of participating employers?

  1. Costs: uRyde is available to all employees of participating employers. The employer covers the costs of use, so that you do not have to pay any fees when booking rides. However, you will have to pay the travel costs for the riders yourself.
  2. Security: The connection of a user to the employer creates trust, so that you can see immediately where the other person works. So you can decide for yourself if you prefer to ride with colleagues or others.
  3. Same destinations: Through employers, many people can be reached who also drive daily to or from the same workplace.

How can I use uRyde if my employer is not yet a partner?

You can register in the uRyde app with your employer email, even if they are not yet part of the uRyde ecosystem. As a uRyde pioneer in your company, you have a special role: You are one of the first to test the app and can proactively promote and establish sustainable mobility within your company!

We will of course support you in this.