Many features in one app

Briefly explained:

uRyde - Book and offer rides in Real-time

With uRyde you can both advertise and book rides – all on demand and in real time!!

Additionally, uRyde Pioneer trips and public transport trips are available to you.

1. Offer trips flexibly and in Real-time

With the in-app navigation, you can spontaneously share your ride with others in real-time. All you have to do is enter your destination in uRyde and it will navigate you safely and reliably via the fastest route to your destination.

If someone else would like to ride with you, you will be shown this in the navigation and you can choose to accept or reject the request.


2. Just Hop On

If you have booked a trip, the integrated walking navigation will take you to your virtual stop. Due to the vast network of virtual uRyde breakpoints, it is usually never more than 300 meters away for you.

In addition, as soon as the driver is on the road, you can see the current live location of the driver.


3. Driving Together

As soon as you get on, you continue the journey together, making better use of the car and reducing emissions.

The navigation guides you conveniently to the passenger’s exit point, where they can exit safely, without hindering the traffic.


4. Hassle free and Cost Effective Travel

At the end of the journey, the driver receives a share of the travel costs from the passenger and both have the opportunity to rate the journey.


After the passenger has exited the car, the navigation guides the driver to their final destination.


Any further questions?

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Share Rides - Support sustainability initiatives

As a uRyde driver you can decide to pay out or donate travel cost contributions.

uRyde works closely with verified NGOs and local initiatives to jointly finance social, sustainable and local projects.

Found a bug or need help?

Please reach out to us via the support function in the app or get in touch using the contact form!