To be or B2B, that is the question here.

To be or B2B, das ist hier die Frage.

"Please register with your employer / university email address."

If you are registering with uRyde for the first time, you have surely stumbled across this sentence. You may even have asked yourself why exactly you can only register with your employer or university email address.

Well, on the one hand this is because the use of uRyde remains free of charge for you. Your employer or university will cover the infrastructure costs for you, so you can fully concentrate on staying mobile efficiently and sustainably with uRyde.

Secondly, we maximize security for you and all other uRyde users. With every booking you can see at first glance which company a (co-)driver belongs to, which increases trust. So you can be sure that all users are verified.

Thirdly, we are all pursuing a major, common goal - we want to create sustainable mobility together. In cooperation with regional companies or employers, we reach numerous people who travel in similar directions or to the same work locations every day through synergies in communication and through regional networking. In this way, we efficiently increase the number of users and create a wide range of uRyde rides.

Your employer is not yet a uRyde partner, but you still want to be part of a sustainable, shared mobility? Then simply register with your employer email and we will get back to you. Together we will manage to proactively bring uRyde into your company so that not only you but also many other motivated drivers can use uRyde. This is how we create sustainable, shared and efficient mobility in your company.

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