Beastly good mobility tips

Tierisch gute Mobilitäts-Tipps

Who actually says that mobility can only take place by car, train, bicycle and the like and that mobility only affects us humans?

Let's take a look around - in the animal kingdom, for example. Efficient on the go - together. The wildebeests do it. In the savannas of Africa, millions of wildebeest migrate long distances every year to use new habitats for food and reproduction. However, wildebeests travel very efficiently and make use of one major advantage in particular: shared mobility. With wildebeest, it's not about saving fuel costs or CO2 emissions, but actually about survival - because migrating within a large herd ensures the survival of the wildebeest. Shared mobility is clearly an advantage!

No traffic jams despite long roads - ants show how it works. Endless columns of ants move from one place back to the anthill - without hesitation or traffic jams. How does it work? In contrast to us humans, ants do not feel the need to be "the fastest", ie there are no overtaking manoeuvres, which would cause other ants to slow down, for example. In addition, all ants have an internal motor that can be set to exactly the same speed - ants therefore continuously adapt themselves and their speed in such a way that the flow of movement of the entire group is not interrupted or disturbed. So that shows: Efficient mobility without traffic jams can be so easy!

Just hand over the responsibility and get from A to B relaxed - guinea pigs are professionals at it! Slightly different thought, but still interesting - if several guinea pigs move forward at the same time, the animals almost always march in single file. The bravest animal runs at the front - not the highest ranking or oldest animal, but the animal that feels safest to lead their cronies. For us this means: we too can simply hand over "responsibility" and instead of taking responsibility for our mobility ourselves, let someone else take the lead. This could e.g. B. by using ridesharing offers. So you see - efficient mobility can be incredibly easy!

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