New Year New luck!

Neues Jahr, neues Glück!

Do you also start 2023 with good intentions?

More sport, less sugar, more fresh air, more time for yourself, more time for loved ones - these are all resolutions that you often read or see in social media posts.

But how about some new and different resolutions for the new year? We at uRyde have a few ideas for you.

For example, you could make new contacts, donate something to social projects from time to time, or do more for the environment in general. Sounds complicated and time-consuming? It is not at all. Because with uRyde you can easily achieve these three resolutions by sharing and booking trips.

On the one hand, driving with others is not only more fun, but on the other hand, it also allows you to meet new people. This would already fulfill the first intention. In addition, through uRyde, as a driver, you can donate your monthly travel expenses, which are paid to you by passengers, to social or sustainable projects - well, the second resolution has already been fulfilled.

And the best comes last - because if you share or book trips with uRyde and are therefore not alone in the car, you can save CO2 emissions in the long term, which means that you are automatically doing something good for the environment - and the third resolution is already fulfilled!

So - it's best to get started right away and make 2023 a sustainable year!

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