Is the company car obsolete?

Hat der Dienstwagen ausgedient?
Every second German would exchange his/her company car for a mobility budget. - Qatar survey

Why does a company car apparently no longer meet the mobility needs of employees in companies?

The three opponents to company cars are flexibility, sustainability and costs. According to studies and surveys, the work-life balance, as well as flexible working hours, home office options and individually adaptable mobility offers from the employer are very popular with employees. The mobility budget in particular is playing an increasingly important role.

So why a mobility budget instead of a company car?

First of all, the mobility budget represents a flexible and freely available budget, with which every employee can freely decide whether the budget is to be used for refueling, using public transport, car sharing or other mobility offers. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility. uRyde also makes it possible to integrate a mobility budget into the app. The budget can be created individually for each employee.

From the employer's point of view, the uRyde mobility budget provides advantages such as the promotion of sustainable mobility, since more sustainable mobility alternatives can be used easily and flexibly with the mobility budget, positioning as an attractive and modern employer that responds to today's mobility needs.

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