Share rides for a good cause

Fahrten teilen für einen guten Zweck

Did you know that sustainable mobility and social commitment are very close together?

It is logical that traffic-related emissions can be reduced through higher utilization of vehicles, since there are fewer cars on the streets.

Thanks to uRyde, however, this sustainable factor is simultaneously expanded to include a social component! If you ride with a uRyde driver, you pay a small contribution to travel costs at the end of the trip.

As a driver, you can donate it to social causes. For this purpose, we have integrated various organizations such as Greenpeace, UNICEF and many others into the uRyde app, which can be selected for the donation of the travel cost contributions collected at the end of the month.

With your donation, you are helping children all over the world to get access to clean drinking water as part of aid projects, or to make school education possible. Other projects could be dedicated, for example, to the preservation of biodiversity, the cleaning of water from waste and rubbish or animal welfare.

Just take a look through the organizations - and make mobility with uRyde not only more sustainable, but also social!

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