9+1 good reasons for a new mobility with uRyde

9+1 gute Gründe für eine neue Mobilität mit uRyde

1. Sharing is caring

Together with you, we want to create sustainable, efficient and resource-saving mobility. So that you can keep an eye on the impact you have through your mobility behavior, you can see your respective contribution in the form of saved emissions within the app as well as in our impact calculator. Do something good for the environment and share your rides!

Oh, and if you think the little things don't matter, have you ever tried to sleep with a mosquito in your bedroom?

2. Together you are less alone

The time of social distancing is over - all the more reason why we should all expand our network again. By sharing trips or driving together, you not only save on emissions and money, but also get to know a lot of exciting new people along the way.

3. Fewer cars equals more mobility

There are over 48 million vehicles on the roads in Germany alone. Basically far too many and not particularly efficient. But together we can change that. Every journey that you do not make alone in the car already contributes to the fact that together we reduce the volume of traffic. So fewer cars mean more mobility.

4. It's cheaper to drive together

Rising fuel prices affect us all - and yet we all have to get from A to B somehow. Then why not together? With shared driving, you as a driver can take other passengers with you and thus receive a share of the travel costs of up to 30 cents per kilometer, which compensates for your fuel costs.
As a passenger, you also benefit from the reduced costs, as a uRyde ride usually costs significantly less than driving yourself and is usually even cheaper and faster than public transport.

5. Work-Drive Balance

Everyone knows the work-life balance. At uRyde, your work-drive balance is also important to us. On average, it takes an employee 30 to 40 minutes to travel to and from work, even though the average commute is only 20 km. In total, that is at least 5 hours per week that are wasted on the street and are missing in the work-life balance. So that the work-drive balance does not deteriorate unnecessarily due to traffic jams, carpooling helps to reduce traffic jams and volume.

6. Goodies do you good

Every trip shared is worth twice as much - as an additional incentive we have set up the uRyde lottery . At the end of each month, 10 lucky winners will be drawn who will receive a gift of their choice. Our lottery prizes range from an alpaca tour to gintastic taste experiences to trampoline action or fuel vouchers. Maybe you too will soon be a lucky winner yourself!

7. uRyde Bike

Do you already know the uRyde Bike? No!? Then it's about time.
Our uRyde Bike is a unique, self-made event bike that offers space for up to 11 people and plenty of storage space for drinks. It is also a real eye-catcher!
Best of all: You can also borrow the uRyde bike for your next event, such as the next department party or for your next birthday, completely free of charge. You can find out exactly how it all works here .

8. Employer attractiveness

Does your employer already offer you innovative mobility solutions and not just the classic company car or the public transport ticket?
Great, then you have a really great employer!

If not yet, then make your employer aware of uRyde. In addition to comprehensive and real-time ridesharing, your employer can also provide you with a monthly amount via the uRyde mobility budget with which you can book mobility solutions, even worldwide.

And best of all: By treating the budget as a benefit in kind in addition to the salary, mobility can even be billed tax-free or at a reduced rate, so that your employer saves money.

9. Cost savings through more efficient employee mobility

Less parking space, less traffic jams, less pollution of the site from exhaust fumes - more efficient employee mobility not only saves your employer costs, but all employees benefit from less traffic, less concrete surface and fewer traffic jams on the outward and return journey.

10. Regional partner association

With the regional, cross-employer approach, uRyde not only creates shared mobility, but also mobility that unites employers. This increases the efficiency of the mobility of employees of companies located at similar locations. Employees from a wide range of companies can therefore join forces using uRyde and thereby reduce the volume of traffic at company locations. In order for this regional group of companies to function, registration at uRyde is only possible with the employer / university e-mail address.

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