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Ambassador of a new sustainable mobility

As an Ambassador, you are a part of a new sustainable mobility and can actively shape and spread it in your environment.

Use uRyde before launch

You can use uRyde immediately even before the official launch in your region. In addition, you will be invited to the official launch event as a uRyde Ambassador and can receive great uRyde marketing material from us upon request.


Give feedback directly to the development team and influence the mobility of tomorrow.

What are uRyde Ambassadors?

uRyde Ambassadors are employees or students of uRyde partner companies or partner universities, who help to ensure that as many people as possible learn about uRyde within their own company/university.

Requirements for uRyde Ambassadors

Your employer or university should already be a part of uRyde

To be a uRyde Ambassador, your employer must already be a uRyde partner. You can find out whether your employer or university is already a uRyde partner or not in the registration form above.

Enjoying commuciation

uRyde lives from being used a lot. In order for many to know about it, you should have a desire to communicate and spread the word.

Frequently asked questions

  • You must work for an employer or university listed on the registration form.
  • You need a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system.
  • You should enjoy communication.

After you have registered, you will receive an email from us with all the important information, including the announcement about the official uRyde launch. In addition, we will keep you updated with information till then. 
Currently, critical user mass has not been reached yet, so you can already use all functions but might still find only a little supply and demand. 

Once you have registered as a uRyde ambassador, you can start using uRyde free of charge.
From the official launch date, uRyde will be officially rolled out to all participating uRyde partners. We will be happy if you, as a uRyde ambassador, could help the maximum number of people learn about uRyde.

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